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Looking for a way to gather friends and family for a unique and fun time?  
Host one of our Honey Parties in your home or office.  
They're a great addition to your next couple’s dinner party!
How it Works

It’s simple, just give us a call at 912/508-2155 to discuss the date and time you’d like to hold the event. We’ll provide electronic invitations to email to your friends if you'd like.  We do require that you have at least 15 people present and that your party location be within a 25 mile radius of Savannah.  

As the host and/or hostess, it’s your decision whether to offer wine or other food and alcoholic beverages at the party and we ask that you supply that directly.  


What Happens at the Party?  

We bring along various products like our honey (chocolate creamed honey, pollen, honey comb), glazed pecans, herbs that we grow, shiitake mushrooms, cheeses, crackers and grapes. We also provide the napkins and paper goods used during our sampling session and make our products available for purchase on site and by order.  


Our owner, Rob Liakos, who is also a Nutritional Educator (N.E.),will come to your event and share his knowledge on the benefits of eating organic produce and allow your guests to ask their questions while sampling the displayed items.  He makes a very informal presentation on how honey and some of our available products are produced so that the maximum amount of nutrients are preserved.

So, if you’ve been trying to think up a new way to entertain that is sure to be memorable, educational, and a ton of fun, then…..let’s throw a Honey Party!  

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Host a Honey Party!