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           Rob Liakos with his daughter, Jessica

Rob Liakos and his family (Eric, Heather, Jessica, and wife, Donna) came to Savannah, Georgia from the mountains of Virginia in 1989. Upon arrival, Rob helped build the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.  While working in construction for the next 12 years, he witnessed the decline of health not only in America but also in his immediate family in the form of Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cancer.  This led to a desire to study about nutrition and health.  

His first endeavor, was a home-study course from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, England.  He continued his studies at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Penngrove, California, where he received a certificate in Nutrition Education. With this new knowledge, his love for people, nature, and organic food, he started farming with a goal to bringing education and all natural foods to the surrounding community.  The support provided by his faithful consumers continues to bring great reward today.  

Rob works alongside his friend, Wilson Felix, on the farm located on Quacco Road in Savannah, Georgia. Together they spend long hours preparing the land, caring for the livestock, hand selecting ripe produce, and bringing it all to their customers for them to enjoy.

​​You’ll find their products for sale and consumption in some of the finer restaurants and health food stores in Savannah like:

​​ Brighter Day Natural Foods
Elizabeth’s on 37th
Local 11 Ten
​ Noble Fare
Sentient Bean

They also participate in many of the local farmer’s markets and have recently started an online food market:  www.Savannah.LocallyGrown.net  along with other farmers in the region where consumers may purchase fresh dairy, meats, produce, and plants from a multitude of sources.  A central location for weekly delivery is shared with those placing orders on the site allowing you to meet the growers, inspect the products, and make direct payment.  



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